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Best bits about

  • Make an average of $20-$30 an hour or even more.
  • You decide when you work.
  • No joining fees. Ever.

The easy breezy details

  • After signing up, farefetchers are added to our email list.
  • Traveler requests a flight with a total desired price.
  • All farefetchers receive an email with details.
  • First farefetcher to claim it, gets it. Woo-hoo!
  • Farefetcher tells us how to book the flight. If the booking price is lower than requested, the farefetcher gets paid the difference.
  • Farefetcher is paid 7 days later. Farefetcher smiles.
  • (If farefetcher prefers to book the flight themselves, farefetcher sends us the booking confirmation and we verify. In this case, farefetcher is paid 48 hours after the final flight completes.)

Just how much is fetchable?

The sky is truly the limit, pun intended. Some farefetchers can make more than a $1,000 on a single deal. It depends on the type of ticket you instruct us to book and the deals you can apply.

International flights have better margins — just one request may get you a ton of cash. The lower the booking cost, the more you make. Or you can pick up requests for multiple domestic flights. Either way, you’re making bank.


We connect travelers searching for the best flight deals with farefetchers — a community of travel-savvy individuals who fetch the best fares. Travelers save, farefetchers earn.
Win-win? Yes-yes.

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